Become a Leader: Find The Leader Within You (Course 1)

Course 1: Outlines 21 qualities of a democratic, servant leader such as knowing oneself as a leader, taking responsibility, being accountable, embracing new ideas, becoming a visionary, setting goals, making decisions, having integrity, collaborating with others, being tenacious with flexibility.

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What will I learn?
  • lead with confidence
  • Strengthen your collaborative, facilitative and democratic capacity
  • Work from a value- based and ethical framework
  • Inspire others by helping to solve problems and make decisions
  • Much more

Curriculum for this course
1 Lessons 00:40:40 Hours
Become a Leader Course #1
1 Lessons 00:40:40 Hours
  • Become a Leader: Find The Leader Within You (Course 1) 00:40:40
  • Although not necessary you will find the training guide, “Love Serves: Servant Leadership in the workplace” helpful.
  • You will also find the second course Become A Leader (Course #2) completes the whole course
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This two-part course focuses on 44 leadership qualities found in each of us. What we need to do is tease them out so that we can serve others in our places of work and community. You will be perceived as a leader if you clothe yourself with the qualities outlined in this course.

People have an innate desire to be led. They look to be nurtured, loved, and supported. Our society looks for leaders in a variety of roles whether they be in justice, worship, government, business or in our communities such as roles in families, faith communities, school boards, hospitals and in every walk of life. This 88-minute HD video course shows how everyone can be a leader and is built on a servant leadership and democratic style.  You will learn,

Course #1 - 41 min

  • How to be an example for others
  • How to know thyself
  • How leaders become responsible and accountable
  • Strategies leaders use to keep a positive attitude
  • How to embrace new ideas and be continuous learners
  • How to become visionary and value driven leaders
  • How leaders make decisions and solve problems
  • How to strengthen confidence, integrity and authenticity
  • Strategies to keep communication open and clear
  • And much more. 
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